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Dir. Chris D. Falques
Sworn translator
(Courts of Brussels, Mons and Veurne)
recorded in the National Register of sworn translators under n° VTI2175022


Professional international translator specialised in general, legal, financial, economical and medical translations

American Translation

35 years experience – all languages
Direct contact with the translator – open 7 days

Court of Appeal of Brussels

Sworn translator at the Court of Appeal of Brussels


Member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters

Legalisation services

Legalisation of translations (Ministry of Justice – Foreign Affairs)

Mons District Court

Sworn translator at the Mons Court of First Instance

Various fields

General, legal, financial, medical, technical,…


35 years of experience

We can offer you all possible language combinations thanks to our wide network of professional and international translators specializing in legal, financial, economic and medical texts.

Do you need a translation of your official documents? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We also take care of legalization at courts and embassies. And we strive to provide you with a quality translation. The target language is always in the translator’s mother tongue. Each translator deals only with documents that fall within his or her field of competence and experience.

Do you need a translation of your official documents?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and a free quote within the shortest possible time.
Our rates are strictly monitored to guarantee you a professional service at a fair price.

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